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Malaysia’s stable of ONE Championship warriors called for fellow Malaysians to pay attention to the rules and regulations in the country during the month-long restricted movement order (RMO).

As of Tuesday, 24 March, the Healthy Ministry recorded a total of 1,624 cases and 15 deaths, and on Wednesday, 25 March, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the RMO will be extended by two weeks until 14 April. 

ONE Warrior Series exponent Roshnee Khaira, a doctor at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, offered a few tips on how one can prevent the ongoing pandemic from spreading.

“The best way to prevent yourself from contracting is to avoid staying outdoors too much as it is transmitted through respiratory droplets and may stay in the air for up to 8 hours,” the Gainz MMA representative said.

Protect yourself at all times by maintaining social distancing and by wearing face masks. Remember to also clean and disinfect frequently touched areas such as doorknobs, handles, keyboard, and phones as the virus may remain at the surfaces for two to three hours.

“Always practice preventive actions daily to help reduce the risk of getting sick and remind everyone in your home to do the same.”

ONE women’s atomweight athlete Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuanurged Malaysians to practice basic hygiene etiquette all the time.

The Ultimate MMA Academy athlete stresses that Malaysians cannot be complacent if they want to help fend off COVID-19.

“If there is anything people should know by now, is that maintaining good hygiene is important to fight this virus,” the Johor Bahru-based martial artist said.

“I’m still working, but every time I go somewhere, touch something, or touch an animal at the veterinary clinic I work at, I make sure I always wash my hands thoroughly.

“If you’re staying at home, practice that too. Maybe have more regular baths, in case you might have made contact with anyone while going out to buy groceries and so on.”