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Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud has turned out to be one of the nation’s most exciting talents in recent years, but without the words of wisdom from his mother, he might have taken a different route.  

The Sampuri Muay Thai Gym athlete reveals he was a problematic kid growing up, often ending up in confrontations in the school. In addition to that, he disliked putting his time to good use, preferring to just relax and do nothing until he was a teenager.  

“I can’t share with you how much I just enjoyed sitting down at home not doing anything as a kid,” the ONE Championship athlete shares with a short laugh.  

“As kids, we just hated listening to our parents, and we loved doing the opposite of whatever they told us to do. But my mom somehow managed to put some discipline in me, and when I was a teenager, that attitude toned down a bit because her words were always on repeat in my mind. 

“She always told me that to survive in life, you must spend your time wisely.” 

Though he managed to change his attitude in life thanks to his mom’s advice, he still could not fulfill one of her biggest wishes – which was to study hard to secure a better life. 

However, upon completing high school, “Jordan Boy” realized that being book smart was not the only way he could survive in life. The Kedah native then developed a keen interest in Muay Thai, and fast forward six years, he has evolved into a national athlete.  

“My dad, as everyone knows, has been the biggest supporter of my career. But my mom has always been there too. To me, she is someone very important. After all, she has been taking care of me and my siblings since we were born,” the 23-year-old said.  

“Although I’ve never fulfilled her wishes of furthering my studies, she is totally cool with me being a Muay Thai athlete. In fact, she’s one of my loudest supporters. She always teaches me how to be disciplined, and to never quit despite the challenges I’ve encountered in my career.