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Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud is prepared to battle fire with fire at ONE: A NEW TOMORROW on Friday, 10 January.

Standing across him in the ring inside Bangkok’s Impact Arena is none other than United Kingdom’s eight-time Muay Thai world champion Liam “Hitman” Harrison.

Normally, a match like this would set any youngster aback – due to the sheer difference of experience and skill set – but Mohammed is honored to be given this chance to share the ring with one of his “art of eight limbs” idols.

“When I first started Muay Thai, Liam Harrison was one of the athletes who always shared tutorial videos on his social media. Even some of the techniques I execute are based on his videos on Facebook and Instagram,” the ONE Super Series talent offered.

“He’s helped a lot of us who just wanted to learn some extra moves through the internet. I never thought this day would come, where I stand in front of him in the ring.”

It did, and Mohammed is eagerly looking forward to touching gloves before going to war with the striking icon.

It would not be an easy task, but Mohammed believes he can match up to his opposite number, who owns 42 knockouts from 86 wins in the striking art.

Harrison is still waiting for his first win in The Home Of Martial Arts, and “Jordan Boy” wants to ensure the plot remains unchanged when they trade leather in Thailand.

“Liam’s strengths are in his low kicks and boxing. He is a very technical fighter, who loves to put intense pressure on you the moment the bell rings,” he shared.

“He picks his shots very well too, and there’s no need to explain about his accuracy and pace. When he turns on his attack mode, he is there to knock you out,” stressed Mohammed.

Acquiring a victory against someone as skilled as the “Hitman” will be no easy task, however, Mohammed is sure that if every department of his arsenal is spot on – he could do something he had never envisioned in his short career.

“The only way to succeed against a striker like him is to put pressure on him, and strike with pace.”