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Geek Events Sponsors Moonchild to Attend the Mobile Legends Geek Championship 2019: The team will compete for a prize pool of RM50,000 on the 18th and 19th of May Geek Events is proud to announce that they will be inviting Moonchild to participate in the Mobile Legends Geek Championship (MGC) 2019 finals taking place on the 18th and 19th of May.

The Mobile Legends Geek Championship is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament that is officially sponsored and endorsed by Moonton, the developer of the game. The tournament started in April with 512 teams entering the online qualifiers and carries a total prize pool of RM50,000.

Geek Events firmly believes that Malaysian esports talents are worth supporting and investing in, and strives to provide valuable opportunities for promising talents wherever possible. As such, Geek Events has decided to invite and sponsor the Mobile Legends team Moonchild to participate in the MGC 2019 finals due to the incredible promise that they have displayed as a team of young players.

For those unfamiliar with Moonchild, they are a talented team of students living in Sabah who represented their state in the recent Malaysia SEA Games Selection which gathered all of the best Mobile Legends teams in Malaysia. Despite being the underdogs in that tournament, they pulled off an impressive 2-0 victory against the Xpax X-Assins – a professional team that competed in the Mobile Legends Pro League.

Due to the members of this Moonchild team all being students that wouldn’t normally be able to travel for tournaments, Geek Events will be handling and paying for Moonchild’s travel and accommodation arrangements so that they can make their way to KL to attend the tournament without worry.

Geek Events believes that any budding esports athletes that show passion and promise deserve a fighting chance regardless of their location or background, and is happy to support the rise of new talent in the rapidly growing Malaysian esports industry.