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Boxing is a sport which does not need an introduction as it is a martial arts that garners respect and recognition of many due to its well-established history.

The benefits of practicing the sport are endless as well, from keeping fit to learning self-defense and even meeting new people.

Some of Malaysia’s top ONE Championship athletes hold boxing pedigrees such as Hisyam “Zephyrus” Samsudin and Eddey “The Clown” Kalai.

Here is a list of training facilities alongside that offer intense boxing training in their weekly schedules.

Alex’s Boxing Gym

Alex’s Boxing Gym is one of the few quality boxing gyms in the Klang Valley, known for producing top-notch athletes in the renowned hand-to-hand combat sport.

A word of caution to the uninitiated, tit isn’t your typical air-conditioned or “cardio-boxing” commercial gym, rather a place meant for people who want the real deal.

The gym is well equipped with a free-weight room, universal circuit station rooms, as well as the main classroom which includes bags and a standard-size boxing ring.

They also have various programs for their clients such as weight loss, strength training, and women’s special programs.

Your Choice Martial Arts Gym

Your Choice Martial Arts Gym is managed by the father-son duo of Kalen Asanov and Amir Asanov, which caters a dynamic blend of Soviet & Kyrgyzstan style boxing to their students.

Kalen, who achieved the title of Master of Sports of the Soviet Union in 1978, also has a solid track record of training Kyrgyzstan and Malaysian athletes for the Olympics.

Monarchy MMA Gym

Monarchy MMA is one of the top gyms, cultivating the best of the best mixed martial artists in Malaysia.

There are a variety of classes one can sign up for, from boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or Muay Thai.

The coaches here are well-versed and experienced, not to mention, seasoned athletes themselves.

What makes it even perfect is the fact that clients will be training alongside athletes who are actively competing in different martial arts across Malaysia, the most famous being ONE Championship’s Agilan “Alligator” Thani, Keanu Subba and Peter Davis.

Crazy Monkey Defense

Crazy Monkey Defense provides students the opportunity to cross train in boxing as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

What makes this place special is that it was founded on the principle that they don’t just teach students how to compete, but instead to combine functional martial skills and life-performance skills for an optimal holistic approach in martial arts.

Their primary focus is making sure self-defense comes first before sport, so expect a lot of real-world application in terms of technique.