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adidas Athletics has unveiled its latest Z.N.E. collection, the first apparel range of its kind to be inspired by the rising heartbeat of athletes before a game.

adidas has worked closely with athletes during the development process, including collecting and analysing data to help shape the Athletics Pulse range. This has focused on the ‘pulse moment’ when athletes leave the locker room and head towards the field of play, a moment when the athletes’ heart rate peaks in anticipation.

At the heart of the collection is the adidas Z.N.E. Pulse Knit Hoodie, crafted with the unique heartbeat knit in breathable merino wool. It is designed to ensure a comfortable fit for every athlete, no matter the sport they compete in.

The collection, which features a variety of knitted and Jacquard hoodie designs, has been created to seamlessly move from game day to any day. Its next level craftsmanship is evidenced in the trim details, iconic design markers and functional construction. The knit version also ensures the wearer stays cool when the pre-match heat is on.

Christina Schramm, Senior Design Director, said:

“In Athletics, we constantly aim to enable athletes to give their best, by providing them with apparel that makes them feel comfortable and allows them freedom of movement without distraction. Knitting techniques open a huge innovation area for how to create and construct sportswear at the highest level of comfort. The use of functional and innovative yarns, the integration of open and dense structures and the construction of the garments without any seams provide huge functional advantages. This is combined with huge possibilities in terms of the combination of yarn colours, patterns, structures, surfaces and silhouettes – meaning athletes can look and perform great.”

The collection will be worn by a selection of leading athletes from across a range of sports. This will include footballers Gareth Bale and Paul Pogba, basketball star James Harden, track athlete Tori Bowie as well as leading tennis players Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep.

Tori Bowie, multi-medallist in 100m and 200m, said:

“My pulse is up already the night before the race. I am focusing on my technique, that’s what I’m thinking of when I concentrate. When I’m walking out in the tunnel, this is the moment I was training for.”

The adidas Athletics Z.N.E. Pulse Collection goes on sale globally on 31st August 2017. The Z.N.E Pulse collection retails from RM590 and is available at adidas Sports Performance stores at Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, The Gardens Mall and on our E-com site at

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