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Brandon “The Truth” Vera, the reigning ONE Heavyweight World Champion, is longing to get back in action after two years of exile from the cage.

The 41-year-old Filipino-American superstar was last seen wearing four-ounce gloves at ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION in December 2016 when he successfully defended his title for the first time against Hideki Sekine of Japan.

“Excited is not even the word. Like, I’m longing for it. The only thing I can imagine it to be is the opposite of being locked up. Like if you’re locked up, you’re excited and you cannot wait for the outside. I’m the opposite. I can’t wait for the inside,” Vera said.

“I know, it sounds crazy, right? That’s all the emotional stuff, that’s all the anxiousness, all the excitement, the nervousness, all of it is encompassed in that feeling, I guess. I can’t wait to get back inside,” he added.

Vera’s time off from his professional career had some of his fans thinking that he may not be as sharp as before when he finally returns inside the cage.

However, Vera guaranteed that he is just as good if not better coming off a long break.

“Everybody’s worried that it’s been nearly two years, but it doesn’t feel like that to me because remember I did BuyBust,” he explained.

“I’ve been doing action stuff, and I’ve been training on my days off, I’ve really been just working until I defend our title again. It doesn’t feel like two years, and my coaches say that I’ve gotten faster, so I’m excited,” Vera continued.

BuyBust, as told by Vera, was a hit local movie in the Philippines where he starred with some of the biggest names in the country’s show business.

Vera bared that he liked playing a good role in a movie so much that it is a career he wants to pursue when it is time to call it a day as a professional mixed martial artist.

“It was amazing, definitely something I look forward to doing after I’m finished with my competition side of martial arts, I absolutely loved it. Most people dream to just get into a movie, I was put into a movie with all of those superstars. All I can do is thank my blessings everyday that I was able to do something like that,” he disclosed.

“First movie out? Okay, the lead is Anne Curtis. The director is Erik Matti. Then the names just kept on rolling. The pressure was definitely there, but Director Erik said I did really good with the pressure, I just didn’t want to let the team down, that’s how I felt the whole time, I just didn’t want to let anybody down. From the directors, to the production, the cast, the crew that was working on set, I didn’t want to mess up for anyone. Definitely pressure, but I think that’s what helped us get through it,” Vera elaborated further.

Despite his newfound love for acting, Vera is still clinging to his love for martial arts, hoping that he gets added to the ONE: CONQUEST OF CHAMPIONS card on 23 November at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

“That’s going to be a huge card,” he mentioned. “I’m really hoping I can be on that and defend the ONE Heavyweight World Championship, especially since it’s going to be held in Manila. It’s going to be a crazy night of fights, for sure.”