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When you start training Muay Thai, you will need to pick up some new gear for your new hobby. 

Malaysia’s ONE Championship representative Azwan Che Wil talks about the most important pieces of equipment every beginner must have in their gym bag before heading into their first lesson in “the art of eight limbs.”

#1 Gloves 

The first piece of equipment on Azwan’s list is Muay Thai gloves. 

Not only do they protect both your hands from getting injured, but they also protect your sparring partner from getting hurt. 

Even if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable gloves to choose from. 

Though quality might not be guaranteed, at least you will have yourself a pair that you can familiarize yourself with. 

Most Muay Thai gyms do have spare gloves, but because of hygiene, it is best to get your own pair. 

#2 Hand Wraps

Beneath your pair of gloves lies another important layer of protection – hand wraps. 

Every punch you throw creates a lot of pressure on your fists, and it only takes one mistake for an unwanted injury to occur. 

Hand wraps are worn to compress your wrists, soft tissue, and knuckles, keeping them in place when punching. 

Not too sure how to wrap your hands? We’ve got the perfect guide for you

#3 Muay Thai Shorts 

Though Azwan admits it is not necessary to own a pair of shorts for your first class, the Kelantanese warrior thinks they are important for every beginner. 

“Most of the new kids who walk into the gym often wear football shorts or three-quarter pants and this limits a lot of their kicking movements,” he said. 

“So if you want to fully execute a proper kick, say a roundhouse kick, being equipped in Muay Thai shorts is very necessary.” 

Muay Thai shorts are designed to be short and often made of satin. This allows you to wear them comfortably even for a two-hour class.

#4 Ankle Guards

Ankle guards also provide some traction and friction against slipping, especially if the mats are a little slick. 

It also puts less strain on the tendons, allowing you to kick with confidence without worrying about getting hurt. 

Feeling a little pain after your first few kicks is absolutely normal. The secret to combating it? Practice! 

Remember, do not forget to keep these essentials in your gym bag ahead of your Muay Thai class.