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The Adiwira Cricket Tournament organized by Malaysian Cricket Association attracted participation from 8 primary schools and saw 260 children below 12 years old playing cricket at Kinrara Oval.

As early as 8.30am on Saturday 30th June, buses carrying the school children rolled into Kinrara Oval. After registration and a healthy breakfast of apples, bananas, cake and mineral water, the chilren began the tournament.

Teachers, volunteers, MCA cricket coaches, umpires and staff all joined in to manage the children and the tournament until 12.30pm. At the closing ceremony, the school children and teachers received certificates of participation presented by Mr Mohammed Iqbal Ali Kassim Ali Honorary Secretary of Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) and Mr Zainal Abbas, Deputy Director, Sports Division of the Ministry of Education.

“Malaysian Cricket Association has organized tournaments such as this over the years, but today we see amazing participation from more schools in our immediate area of Bandar Kinrara. It is a great development.” Mr Mohammed Iqbal Ali Kassim Ali, Honorary Secretary MCA.

Cricket has many formats from ODIs, 50Overs, T20, Indoor Cricket, and the Kriket Adiwira Tournament introduced the children to a simple and fun format that they picked up immediately. As the national governing body of Cricket in Malaysia, MCA has the vision of introducing cricket and its many formats to all levels. In 2012, MCA had 200 schools playing cricket nationwide and this has been actively developed over the years and today, almost 800 schools have been inducted into cricket.

The eight schools which participated in this tournament were SK Taman Desaminium, SK Puchong Jaya 2, SK Section 2 Bandar Kinrara, SK Puchong Utama 2, SK Puchong, SK Dato’ Onn Jaafar, and SK (T) Sungai Renggam and SK TUDM Subang.

“The cooperation that we have had from the Ministry of Education has been phenomenal, as well as the schools and their teachers, all have contributed their time and effort to making the Kriket Adiwira tournament a big success. MCA intends to amplify this success to more schools and districts.

Mr Mohammed Iqbal Ali Kassim Ali, Honorary Secretary MCA Kinrara Oval, Home of Malaysian Cricket is the venue for numerous local, national and international tournaments and the children who came to play here today have had the experience of playing in an internationally-renowned cricket stadium.

In the hopes that more and more teachers, parents and children are exposed to the game of cricket, Malaysian Cricket Association’s development nationwide programs will continue to be organized. Identifying new and young cricket talent is crucial for Malaysia to keep striving to maintain a good national talent pool that can rise to the top of the ICC world ranking. Currently at ranking 26th place, Malaysian Cricket is well on its way with these development programs.